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Skip the Bag, Save the River

We thought it important to explain to our customers the additional charge incurred when you receive a disposable paper or plastic carryout bag. Here’s the official statement from

Skip the Bag, Save the River: The District’s Law on Disposable Carryout Bags is Changing January 1, 2010.

Beginning January 1, 2010, District businesses that sell food or alcohol must charge you 5 cents for each disposable paper or plastic carryout bag.

The business keeps 1 cent, or 2 cents if it offers a rebate when you bring your own bag.
And the remaining 3 or 4 cents go to the new Anacostia River Protection Fund. DDOE will administer this fund. We will use it to provide reusable bags, educate the public about litter, and clean up the river.

Giant and Anacostia Watershed Society Partner to Hand Out 250,000 Bags*

The District has also partnered with CVS/pharmacy to produce and hand out 112,000 reusable bags.

Press release annoucing our campaign
Video of Mayor Fenty’s press conference
Reusable Bag Distribution
Frequently Asked Questions
How else can I help keep the District’s rivers clean?
Anacostia River Trash Reduction Plan
DDOE’s other Anacostia River initiatives
The Anacostia River Clean Up and Protection Act of 2009*

Happy Holidays!

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